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Tips And Tricks You Can Do With Your iPhone

July 21, 2014


There are many applications that we can install in our iPhones but there are also hidden applications and functions that most people do not know in their iPhones. Some of these unknown tricks will surely improve the overall usage of our iPhone as well as give easy access to some of iPhone’s function using the tricks. Below are some of the tricks that most iPhone users do not know.

  • Letter Passcode Instead Of Numbers

In your iPhone, go to Settings then General then Passcode Lock. Disable the setting that says “simple passcode”. A display with QWERTY keyboard will appear prompting you to change your passcode. On the next attempt to unlock the phone, a keyboard will appear instead of just the num pad.

  • Timestamps On Messages

It is sometimes annoying if you do not know when the message was sent. In iOS 7 phone, it is very easy to see the timestamp. All you need to do is hold the message bubbles and drag it to the left.

  • SIRI Can Read The Email Out Loud

Command Siri, “Read my email,” and you will hear the content of the email, senders’ name, subject line, and time of the message. Other commands consist of “Do I have an email from (name of the person)” and “read my latest email”.

  • Delete Text By Shaking Your iPhone

If you want to change or delete the content of the text you just typed in then you can simply shake your phone. An “Undo Typing” box will prompt that will allow you to delete all the messages. If you decided to send your previously typed message, just shake your phone another time and a “Redo Typing” box will appear containing your previously typed message.

  • Know The Planes Flying Overhead

You can ask Siri the command “What flights are above me” or simply “Planes overhead” and then Siri will come up with a list of planes’ flight number, its angle, and altitude. Be patient when waiting for the results for it may take around 30 seconds.

  • Caps Lock On By Tapping Shift Key Twice

It is a simple trick but can totally change your speed in typing all capital words or to convey your emotions using all capital words without using the arrow keys every time you type the letters.

  • See A Detailed View Of The Calendar

This is a very easy trick, which only requires you to turn your phone horizontally in order to see much detailed information regarding your schedules or appointments.

  • Disable All In-App Purchases With Only One Button

This is a very useful method especially when you have kids that open a lot of applications and downloading or buying things uncontrollably such as in Candy Crash games. Enable the restrictions in the Settings>General>Restrictions then scroll down and select the disable In-App purchases.

  • Use Phone As A Level When Hanging Pictures Or Displays.

Open the compass app on your phone and then swipe left to access a level, which is pretty cool and helpful in putting up pictures and other displays on the wall.

  • Type An Em-Dash

You can get a menu of super cool dashes by holding down the dash button on your keyboard.

  • Bust Photos At Once

You can capture many photos in a few seconds using the burst mode of your phone. You can activate the burst mode by holding the shutter button. Burst mode will capture photos in succession rapidly and will save them to your phone.

  • Use The Earbuds

When camera app is activated, you can use the center of the headphone button in order to take a pic. This will allow capturing selfies more easy and accurate.

  • Volume Button For Taking Photos

Instead of using the touch circle when doing a selfie, you can also use the “up” function of the volume button. Using the volume button allows you to take hold of the camera and phone more steadily when taking a selfie.

  • Airplane Mode When Charging

You can use the airplane mode function of the phone when charging. Airplane mode will allow your phone to charge 2 times faster and is very helpful when you are in a hurry.

  • Custom Vibrations

You can choose a custom vibration for different contacts in the contact app. This is very helpful when your phone is always in your pocket. This will allow you to recognize messages that are from important persons such as your boss or just some pesky emails.

There you have it, ways to maximize the usage of your iPhone.

Minimal Keyboard For Google Glass

May 14, 2014

The wearable trend is constantly evolving to make its mark in the market. This is what Google has in mind when they opted for a keyboard for Glass. This is thanks to a Toronto-based startup Whirlscape. Their newest app called Minuum is making it possible Google Glass to exceed its single tap, scroll, or voice-based input actions.

The Minuum keyboard app is actually a minimal keyboard and built for wearable technology in mind. It groups letters together for a single-line of virtual keys then it uses predictive algorithms to get wordings straight. By a simple tilt of the head of the user towards the direction of the key they want to use and a tap to touch-sensitive arm of the Glass unit, one can input the proper character. It might be unusual to see someone tilting their head this way and that, but it is less freaky than hearing someone saying commands aloud. With Minuum app, traveling becomes more fun. One can just get pictures and tag it immediately then share it with friends. Google Glass with Minuum does really let you do more while on the go.

Minuum app is right on the money by affiliating itself with wearable trends. Once this particular app clicks and becomes a default input method of wearable tech then it can truly be a mainstay for such market. Another possibility is that Google makes a move to acquire the Minuum app then it truly can say that Whirlscape has done very well with it.

Customer Feedback Tool For Sellers From Square

May 14, 2014

Square, the company that currently delivers more than 10 million digital receipts each month by email and text, is announcing its newest product that is beneficial to both business owners and their customers alike. Called the Square Feedback, sellers may now be able to receive feedback from customers by utilizing digital receipts.

The app, which is in partnership with San Francisco-based Koshland Pharm: Custom Compounding Pharmacy, can be used by customers to send their comments, questions, and suggestions to sellers. Once they receive their digital receipt, all they need to do is tap the button and answer the question, ‘How was your experience?’. The sellers are then alerted by email as soon as a customer feedback is received and are able to reach the customer by using the Square Dashboard where they can be of assistance to them.

To get this extra service, sellers are only charged $10 per month with a 30-day trial period. The Square Feedback was announced a few days after the Square Wallet app was shut down and the Square Order was launched. Square order, in addition to Square Register, Square Market, and Square Stand, is yet another seller tool from the company that enables customers to place orders from nearby restaurants. With these tools, everything is just a tap away.

This latest product of Square focuses more on the needs of its business customers and aims to provide a platform where sellers and their customers are better able to communicate. As meeting customers’ needs is maximized, so is quality service optimized.

Southwest Florida Tourism Has A Great Start

May 14, 2014

It has been an amazing first quarter journey for Southwest Florida when it comes to tourism. The place had an exceptional number of tourists coming in and that meant business. Southwest Florida’s profits went sky high, from Restaurants to Hotels – the industry was booming! What an amazing first quarter it is for this famous, touristy state.

It is noted that the success in this industry has many metrics and bed – tax increases along with the revenue’s growth. The first quarter bed-tax number was never better. Let us take into example the Lee County and Collier County. Lee County collections from January to March were a 13% year over year increase, having gains of 14 million dollars. Collier County on the other hand scored more than 9 million dollars in the first quarter and is up about 15% year over year.

Comparing the two counties’ performance is a little tricky as Collier is having only a 4 percent tax while Lee is having a 5 percent tax. Lee also has more lodging units. Approximately more than 27,000 versus 11,500 from that of Collier. It has been noted that Collier did not experience a pre-recession hotel construction boom and room charges tend to be higher there.

Both counties have consultants who do survey-based estimates of visitors. Collier has reported 592,400 used paid lodgings during the first quarter, up 4 percent year over year and Lee County reported 777,539 paid accommodation guests, up 6.2 percent over first quarter of 2013.

It has also been known that Lee County has put its international market share at 16 percent, down from 20 percent last year. So why has the winter months been so good with Southwest Florida? Nearly everyone mentions the polar vortex, which brought historical cold weather to the Midwest and East. Tamara Pigott, executive director for Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau said the Polar Vortex gave hotels the confidence to increase their room rates.

January was strong for tourist travels it was second best for that month at the airport. This willingness to spend is crucial during local tourism’s high season, this runs from Presidents Day Weekend in February through Easter.

Southwest Florida Housing Kick Starts

May 14, 2014

The construction of some 818 houses in the Naples/Fort Myers housing market has been started in the first quarter of this year, showing a 21 percent increase from last year’s. This data was revealed by Metrostudy, which is a national provider of housing data.

In its report, Regional Director in the Naples market, David Cobb, expressed that with Lee County has only a 0.7-month’s supply of vacant homes and Collier remaining at 1.7 month’s supply, the supply of finished, vacant homes is “virtually non-existent”. He added that this is an indication that almost every home under construction has already been sold. Thus is the need for the housing start-up.

While the number of developed vacant lots in Lee County slumped by 5 percent compared to last year’s, the county still has 6,902 developed vacant lots at present. Furthermore, a 29 percent increase in this aspect was recorded with the 381 lot deliveries made in just the first quarter of this year.

Development is also going to be targeted in the northern and eastern sections of Lee County with its plans of adding 48,012 future lots.

Meanwhile, Collier County has also noted a consistent rise for 19 consecutive quarters in its annual starts rate. From only having 399 houses in 2009, a whopping 1,624 can already be seen today indicating a 36 percent rise. Cobbs also expressed that the supply of new homes is often limited by tight labor markets.

This Weekend in Southwest Florida

May 7, 2014

If you want to have fun this weekend, then you should check out some of the wonderful activities happening this weekend in Naples.

Enjoy The Race For The Roses

Get your most amazing hat! On Saturday, by 6:30 pm at Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY, the 140th edition of the Kentucky Derby will happen. All over Southwest Florida, there are numerous places to enjoy the spectacle. One of the most enticing of these is Avenue5, 699 Fifth Ave. S., Naples by 5pm.

Pamper Yourself With International Dishes At Mercato

The International Food Festival is the precise place to do that. On Sunday, from noon to 4pm at Mercato, 9115 Strada Place, Naples, the festival will be on. Another fun thing to do at the festival is to try your hands on a number of exotic foreign languages. For those who are real food lovers, you can sample various delicacies from various parts of the globe. From AZN Azian Cuizine to Masa and Naples Flatbread and Wine Bar, this is the place for all food enthusiasts.

Eat On The Beach!

There is surely nothing like having a seaside picnic. Get fantastic meals from your local restaurants and hit the beach! On Sunday, from 11 am to 6 pm, there is the 19th edition of the Taste of the Beach, which also features the Baywalk Blues Festival. The venue is the Old San Carlos Boulevard, Fort Myers Beach.

Patronize Arts & Music While Honoring The Dead

The truth is that it is not until you visit the ‘Dia de los Muertos’ that you have to pay your respects to the dead. At the Los Muertos Music and Art Festival, you can have your sugar skulls and ornamented candies to celebrate the passing on to glory of the departed souls.

Enjoy Major Acts At The Big Guava Music Festival

This is often called Florida’s version of the Coachella in California. The Big Guava Music Festival is held from Friday to Sunday at the Florida State Fairgrounds, 4800 US 301, in Tampa, Florida. It is surely an amazing three days of fun, talent, and excitement!

With all of these activities, there is no excuse for you to stay at home. So, get yourself ready for some fun this weekend, only here in Naples!